PHP Tutorial

What is PHP PHP is the acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, something like hypertext preprocessor, a programming language widely used primarily for web development. Despite having the PHP-GTK version for desktop environment. In the course of our learning we will focus on PHP for web development. Is PHP free? Yes! For starters PHP is open source, ie open source. So to get PHP the only thing you have to do is log into the PHP website and download the newer version. Because with the latest version will have new features and possible bugs have been fixed. PHP and HTML A PHP page usually has the extension .php (depending on your web server configuration). However, on these pages with the extension .php you can usually enter the

Javascript Introduction

This article aims to make a simple and not extremely formal introduction to this scripting language that has become one of the foundations of every web application. You may have heard of this name, but you have no idea what it is or what it is for, right? So this article is meant for you to simply understand how it works and how to make your first script in this language. Firstly, the term JavaScript has nothing to do with the Java programming language, this is a big mess made by the web development community, especially those who have never worked with technology, but let's skip historical contexts and discourses on how the name came about. Let's get down to business. The